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            您好!歡迎來到山東星派克自動化設備有限公司官方網站! 收藏本站售后服務?
            服務熱線:0531-8855 4216


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               Shandong Xingpaike automation equipment co.,LTD.Is located in quancheng jinan,committed to the development and production of automated packaging equipment.Main products:box machine,packing machine,sealing machine,strapping machine,shrink machine,winding packaging machine,robot palletizing machine,conveyor and automatic control system.
               Packaging materials company has domestic advanced co-extrusion film production lines,slitting machines and rewinding equipment,professional provide all kinds of heat-shrinkable PE,LLDPE stretch film.At the same time,mass production of new environmental protection packaging materials(PP belt,PET belt),agent import PP,PET packaging tools.We try to save every cent for you.
               Bearing dream quality,speed,decide the future!
               Shandong star parker in the journey of growth with your company is the source we to go on,cherish every time with your cooperation,wish our products and services help customers,service to customers!

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